It was Christmas morning, 1971, and I was ten years old living in St. Louis, when my Godmother sent me the greatest gift ever! “Aunt Timmy”, as we called her, lived in Livermore, CA and owned and ran a bicycle shop. That morning I awoke to find my first bicycle. Oh, I had bikes before, but being the youngest of seven children, none that I could truly call my own.

This bike, MY bike, was pink with a white vinyl banana seat with big “Laugh-In” style daisies and tasseled handlebars. That bike introduced me to places I never knew before. My friend Lisa Prince and I found the back roads of our little neighborhood with destinations previously unknown to us, scary downhill stretches that elicited high-pitched screams and triumphant laughter, and a bevy of new two-wheelin’ friends to share the passion with! A tremendous sense of freedom and joy was the gift given that Christmas morning, and it marks the beginning of my love for seeing my world via two wheels.

About mommawheelie

Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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  1. Evocative description of another time and place – I doubt kids today, who are spoiled with everything under the sun – can appreciate the elation of something so simple as a new bike!

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