Introducing Momma Wheelie!

This blog is dedicated to the experience of cycling. when you were a kid, you loved to “pop a wheelie”, right? Don’t lose that feeling. MOMMA WHEELIE doesn’t own a car and cycles for recreating (40 miles of mountain biking at Henry Coe park, anyone?),  for work,  and for just about everything. One bike, one world!

About mommawheelie

Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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8 Responses to Introducing Momma Wheelie!

  1. Linda Corbin says:

    thanks, Mary

  2. Charles Richardson says:

    Hi, keep on recreating!

  3. casey says:

    yeah mary!

  4. Anne says:

    Let’s go for a ride!

  5. Colleen McGuire says:

    i’m subscribing

  6. Colleen McGuire says:

    there’s no “subscribe” button — only “notify me of site updates”. I checked it. Hopefully, that will translate as a Subscribe request.

  7. Ora McGuire says:

    I will ride with you in spirit!

  8. Carolyn says:

    look forward to sharing the ride!!

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