I’m certainly not alone in my endeavor to attempt everything by bike in this town, Berkeley, but it took me awhile to come around to grocery shopping by bike. After we ditched our car, I got into a rhythm with local vendors, specialty shopping a little at a time like the Europeans, which I’ve always loved. But every now and then, ya just wanna get it all done in one outing and belly up to the stove and get down to the creative part. After several grocery excursions by bus with my backpack full and two large shopping bags in tow, I tired quickly of the waiting around for late buses and the maneuvering of said baggage while searching for a seat and wondering why the driver just can’t wait 30 seconds for me to sit down before he jerks back out into the main drag  (enjoy my oranges, Mr. back-of the-bus-rapper-dude). So, I ventured into Performance Bike on San Pablo Avenue, finally, and snagged up an incredible deal. Two awesome grocery style panniers for the price of one and now I’m stylin’! My first trip out was challenging. I overbought and my panniers were so heavy I could barely get on my bike! It took me a few trips out to determine my maximum weight for decent mobility, tricks for getting on and off the bike safely, and ways to pack for proper balancing. Now, I’m anywhere with those panniers and lovin’ the self-sufficiency of it all! 

About mommawheelie

Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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