see: VIEW

In Webster’s New World Dictionary, there are 9 definitions for the word VIEW.  There is view as a critical examination, a picture, a landscape. But the one that resonates today, is this one: “that which is worked towards or sought.”

Today,  it’s 78 degrees in November in California. And after last week’s first-of-the-season rainy days after a long dry spell, that means one thing to a mountain biker – “perfect traction”.  And perfect traction is just what ya need on Tilden Park’s Seaview Trail in Berkeley. It starts out with a gentle climb but soon enough you are challenged with a rocky uphill with only a couple of  leveled out segments. Just when you are starting to get your first gorgeous views of the Bay to the west, and the San Pablo Reservoir to the northeast, you are faced with the unavoidable and grueling climb to glory. The view around you is about to become a blur as you slog, one revolution at a time, to the top.

No one said it would be easy, but today, perfect traction gives the illusion that it might just be easier. One must bear down and  negotiate well around technical, rocky upward bends and angles.  The trail underneath you is on fire but a bluish breeze above cheers you on.  Will we have a view of the sea, as the trail head name suggests, or is there some sort of hidden meaning here? All you can really focus on is your breath and your goal to make it to the top. Once there, ah yes, you are rewarded with magnificent 360 views of Mt. Diablo and San Francisco, the Bay, and various surrounding ranges. It’s not a Sea View, really, but it does remind you of why you live here and this one true meaning:  what is truly worth working towards and being sought!

About mommawheelie

Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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One Response to see: VIEW

  1. You nailed it perfectly, the grit, guts and glory of grinding it out to the top of Sea View Trail for those spectacular views looking eastward. On a clear day you can see snow-capped Sierra peaks and the telescopes atop Mt. Hamilton and Mt. Copernicus in the Ohlone Range. Spectacular – right here – all within reach of your own pedalin’ power. Go, MommaWheelie, Go!

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