Laundry day.  Seriously a chore-day with neither a washer/dryer at home nor a car. Tommy loads it all up with only a few groans but dons a proud little grin as he readies himself for the ride 3 blocks to the laundromat. I think that grin means he feels redeemed, gratified, resourceful. His wink goodbye reveals his little secret reward that awaits at Cheeseboard Pizza up the way. Certainly a  well-deserved side trip for the boy!

Does it sometimes feel a bit like college days? Yeah. Does it sometimes seem ridiculous or fringe compared to the masses? Maybe just a hair. Does it ever feel like too much to handle, “Nah, it’s no big deal”, he says in his usual sans-souci way of doing things. Not just cleaning  clothes, this thing, but refreshing the soul with a rinse of self-sufficiency, a churning of redemption, a spin cycle of resourcefulness. Throw it all together and dry out any edges of a dampened spirit, pack it back up into a neat stack of sturdy accomplishment. And I must say, it makes me so proud to have a partner who goes along with this effort to live a life of lesser impact, whether it was inspired out of necessity or commitment doesn’t matter. It just feels good. And today, it feels fresh and clean, renewed; washed and dried with love.

About mommawheelie

Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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4 Responses to WASH AND DRY

  1. You captured it, baby! Nice post!

  2. Nicole Fisher says:

    Love your blog! Didn’t realize you are sans car these days but very impressed – especially with the grocery shopping and laundry. You two are pretty great!

  3. Read all your blogs as I laid in bed this morning Mary! What a way to get my day going, along with my imagination, following you and your bicycle on all your adventures. I did not know how great of a writer (and rider) you are, you have quite the utility belt around your waist. “Wash and Dry” is my favorite thus far, can’t wait to read more. Send Tommy my love…

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