CARGO, car going, car gone!

“To market, to market…” ah, but the traffic, the parking, the kids need to get out.config_gogetter_gourmand02 cargo bike

More and more people are finding that travel on two wheels is far superior to negotiating traffic jams, dodging parking tickets, and draining the bank account dry by supporting far-flung oil wars. And luckily a few genius innovators are at the helm to make our heavy-duty errands, transporting of kids,  and commuting experiences more enjoyable and limitless!

First and foremost on my mind are local entrepreneurs whose labors of love shine bright. Enter Ross Evans, founder and CEO of Xtracycle, based in Oakland, CA, whose vision started while traveling through villages of Central America where he noted the use of bicycles lacked efficiency. The wheels literally started turning for Ross, and his unique personal amalgam of being an inventor, humanitarian with heart, Stanford-trained engineer, and yogi all came together beautifully to create Xtracycle. He truly embraces the philosophy of “Be the change you wish to see in the world” espoused by proponent of  a kinder society, Mahatma Gandhi.


Ross also teamed up with Worldbike, “an organization focused on designing innovative bicycle prototypes to advance development in poor countries…used in small-scale development programs in africa bikeCuba, Mexico, Rwanda, Senegal and Thailand”. The mission? To empower disadvantaged communities with ease for transporting goods and people and enable easier access to local resources and services.

Bringing it all home, Xtracycle offers a variety of options for getting around town car-free no matter what your cargo needs are! Check out this must see video to get an idea how easy and rewarding it can be!

Also noteworthy contributors to this cause are the folks at Yuba. Based in Sausalito, CA, Yuba offers utitlity bikes as electric and pedal-power models. The popular Mundo bike can be customized to suit your needs and the company touts it as “replacing the mini-van” for all your family’s needs!

mundo w paddlebord

If you’re inclined to design your own, get some help from Republic Bike. As they say on their website, “You pick, choose, swap and decide, and we’ll build it, box it, and ship it out. It’s a bike we design and build together.” With a colorful and whimsical styling, start with their “Socrates” model, shown below.


There are several companies world-wide that are picking up on this trend so get to your local bike shop and get the wheels turning for a greener, more enjoyable ride to market!


*All photos and videos borrowed by company websites


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Yoga teacher and outdoor adventure enthusiast sharing her cycling adventures in the Bay Area and beyond
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3 Responses to CARGO, car going, car gone!

  1. Peeps says:

    BINGO! Excellent post that every car owner should read and take to heart!

  2. Kevin Lee Dougherty says:

    Here in Santa Cruz you see all kinds of cargo-ized bicycles, especially those designed for carrying surf boards in this Mecca of surfing. I recently rigged my bike to carry some gardening tools and my lunchbox, too. Then it was stolen (of course in this also-Mecca of stolen bicycles), but since the ex-ordinary looking bike had become unique looking, I found and reclaimed my bike that very same day!

  3. ora lora says:

    I’m going to print this at the senior center.  Looks interesting.  You are  multitalented and see things with an artists eye.  Peace love and prayers


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